Mac Mini Server with Promise SmartStor DS4600

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[caption id=“attachment_33” align=“alignleft” width=“90”]Promise SmartStor DS4600 for Mac works great Promise SmartStor DS4600 for Mac has good transfer speeds over RAID 5[/caption]

I’ve just bought the Mac Mini Server with the Promise SmartStor DS4600 to use as the primary file server at Apeland Informasjon. The DS4600 is 4 disk DAS that connects with FW800 to the Mac Mini.┬áIt will be used on a gigabit network with 30 users.

I couldn’t find anyone who had tested this setup, so that’s what I’ll write a few lines about here. As for the Mac Mini Server, no other review is needed after Ars Technica has it covered just fine.

The DS4600 is setup as a RAID 5 volume right out of the box, with 2.7 TB available. All you have to do is connect it to the Mac Mini and it appears on the desktop, ready to rock. After you do some Server Admin magic, of course.

I’ve done some simple transfer speed tests over our Gigabit network, and the results are pretty good. Copying a a 5.51 Gb .mov file from my Mac Pro to the Mac Mini takes 2 mins 46 seconds and the transfer speeds is between 33,5 MB/s and 40 MB/s. (The speed is measured with iStat Menus on my Mac and MB is Megabytes per second. The Mac Mini and the Mac Pro is on the same Gb switch)

Copying the same .mov file back to my Mac Pro from the server takes 1 min 30 seconds and the transfer speed is between 58 MB/s and 65,4 MB/S and peaks at 70 MB/S. Not bad for a 15 000 NOK/$1800 setup. It’s wild that the tiny Mac Mini and the black SmartStor cube can pack so much punch. And the setup is oh-so-quiet. I like it.

If you have and specific questions or things you’d like me to check, just drop a note in the comments.