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I’ve bought iStopMotion Pro for HD time lapse recording to use with QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac. It works great, the camera is set to record in 720p and it’s really good in low-light conditions. iStopMotion makes it really easy to setup a time lapse recording. However, there’s one feature I miss and that is the possibility to have a schedule for starting and stopping the scripts. There’s no need to record anything after the workers have gone home for the day, and the output file becomes big enough as it is. So I’ve connected the MacBook to a mobile broadband modem that let’s me connect to the Mac with ScreenSharing and manually stop the recording. (The Mac is placed in a store and I can’t get to it outside regular opening hours.)

I asked the Boinx developer about the possibility of a schedule for time lapse and he replied that it’s possible to use AppleScript and iCal to stop and start the recording. So I brushed up on the ol’ AppleScript and created two very simple scripts.

One starts, the other one stops the time lapse recording. Create an iCal event for when you want it to start/stop, set “alarm” to “Run script” and select the script.

This saves me a lot of time since I no longer have to count on the broadband modem being connected and the setup can just run on its own.

iStopMotion-Apple Scripts

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