First post!

· by Willy T. Koch · Read in about 1 min · (171 Words)

Why hello there. Just installed WordPress to see what it’s like. So far, I really like it! I have another site at but wanted to use a real blogging tool with all kinds of fun plugins.

Lately I’ve been inspired to be more productive and create original content on the Internet. That’s my goal. To publish something here that can’t be found elsewhere. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but it was Andy Baio’s post that gave me the extra kick in the arse. His idea of posting something original every day is a really great idea. I’m not going to post something new every day, being the father of 1-year old twins and working full time at Apeland Informasjon prevents that. But when I do post something here, I’ll try really hard to make it original to the Internet. What I post will be not be found elsewhere, and I’ll try to keep it worth reading. High expectations are good!

So, come back later for new stuff!