About Me

Hello and welcome to my Hugo site! This is my playground where I sometimes post things and write about whatever I care about.

I am Willy T. Koch. I live with wife and three kids on Fornebu, just outside Oslo, Norway. Online I'm often known as @willytk. I think of myself as a senior citizen on the Internet, since I've been online since the early 90s. I'm interested in all kinds of technical stuff that powers the Internet, like webservers, DNS and e-mail. House music, reading crime fiction, golf and floorball is also on my list of interests.

I've been using computers since I was 11 years old, and now, 28 years later, I like whatever tool is right for the job, be it Mac, Windows or Linux. I enjoy working on all platforms.

I work at Tieto Software Innovation (← Azure-hosted Ubuntu Wordpress LEMP powered-site that I set up) as a customer support specialist, doing all kinds of problem solving on Public 360, a system for document, case and records managemement primarily aimed at the public sector. I especially like the difficult cases where you don't really know if the problem is on the client, server or network.

I also do some IT-consulting on the side through Koch Konsult. I fix hacked Wordpress sites, customize web sites with smart solutions, help clients switch email providers, and other fun things that lets the people do what they do best and not be limited by the IT-solutions they use.

Want to get in touch? Here’s how!

For end-to-end encrypted communication, I can be reached through:

Did I say I also like encryption and infosec? :-)

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